DS Jewelry Design     

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My creative process begins by looking at the shape of a stone or the combination of colors and shapes that I want to capture. From there an iterative process begins by sketching what I have envisioned. Usually, the piece resembles the sketch in the end, but is rarely exactly as I had planned. I am always thankful if I don’t melt something that should not be melted or damage something while I am working on a different area of the piece. By taking advantage of my “design opportunities” as they occur, due to mistakes or missteps the finished pieces emerge. About the only thing for certain with the completed pieces is that they are made of silver and can be worn! 

My pieces are sterling silver, natural stones, and manmade faceted stones.  I use manmade faceted stones because the environmental impact of lab-grown stones is significantly less stressful for our planet.  Mined stones contribute to excess water usage, carbon emissions, land disruption and waste.

I started making jewelry in 2014. I first studied casting at the Indianapolis Art Center. In 2015 I transitioned to metalsmithing by working with sheet metal and wire. I studied for three years with Andrea Jackson in her studio in the Stutz Building in Indianapolis. Ms. Jackson is a metal arts instructor at the Heron School of Arts. In 2019, I moved to my own studio and formed DS Jewelry Design.